Join the turtles release! Your contribution will help to take care of turtles that need special cares. Half of the profit will be allocated to the Riccione Cetacea Foundation!

Releases scheduled 2024

The releases 2024

17-24 June

1-8-15-22-29 july

2 september 


Tickets available from the beginning of May on our website price 40 € for person .

For information   0039 071 9331124 or write to info@traghettatoridelconero.it


1. Are there truly turtles in the Adriatic sea?
The Adriatic sea is one of the most important nourishment areas of the Meditteranean for the loggerhead turtle, that is the common marine turtle.

2. What do they eat?
PThe sub-adult and adult part of the loggerhead turtles prefer crustaceans and mollusks and the feed themselves on the sea bottom, while the younger eat zooplankton (ex. Jellyfish) and the stay more on the surface of the sea.

3. How long does a marine turtle live?
They are long – lived animals, they could live more than 80 years.

4. How can we recognize a male from a female?
It is hard to distinguish it from the outside until the very moment they reach the sexual maturity that, for the loggerhead turtles, is around 20. This division shows up only in the adult phase because in the male a long tail grows up, instead in the female it remains short and hidden under the carapace.

5. How long can they remain without breathing?
It depends on the kind of activities they are doing: if they have to hunt, rest or swim to migrate. Generally, they can stay underwater more than three hours.

6. Where are they born?
Even if they are marine animals, they are born on the earth, in a sandy beach where the females dig holes and lay down around 100 eggs.

7. How long they stay inside the eggs?
The incubation could last from 40 to 70 days.

8. Why do turtles beach themselves?
There could be many reasons: maybe they have some weakening pathology, they may have been wounded by a screw, they could have had a near drowning because of some nets or again, they have swallowed hooks. During the winter they could also suffer from hypothermia.

9. Which is the major cause of death?
ishing and all the activities related to it.

10. Why are they endargered?
Because of many reasons, for instance it may happen that the nesting places are destroyed by the anthropization, fishing or the water pollution.

Departure from Numana harbour at 4 o'clock pm, you will reach 2 sorelle beach in 30 minutes. There, biologists will introduce you to the sea turtle world.Then there will be the release and you will have the chance to swim for a while. Estimated time of arrival at 6 o’clock pm.

 Two years old children are free of charge.

Half of the profit will be allocated to the Riccione Cetacea Foundation that takes care of sea turtles.
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Discover Numana turtles 

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The evening before the releases in Numana piazza Nuova at 9.30 pm the cetacean foundation will guide you to discover the world of turtles that inhabit the our seas!
(Free admission)

Departures from Numana harbor are BY RESERVATION ONLY
TC Winner
  • Great trip
    Great trip around the coast and to the two sisters seaside! The stuff is really prepared and entertaining :)
  • Amazing amazing so Worthwhile !
    ☀️We took this trip today to due sorelle 👯 amazing trip. Amazing trip full of surprises and amazing staff BRAVI keep It up!! Highly recommend ☀️
  • Shades of hellenic wonder in the Marches
    It was an amazing and definitely worth experience, not to mention the beach we were going to visit, "Le Due Sorelle". The boat trip lasted around 30' very well passed thanks to the profuse and detailed information we have been given by the crew of "Simba" (The Lion King 😉) boat, and through a recorded description while passing by the beautiful Conero coast from Numana port to the marvelous " Due Sorelle" Bay....

Do you know how much time waste needs to decompose?
Not to mention the damage they can cause to marine animals such as sea turtles, gulls and fish! Find out more ›

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